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The Poet’s Nest

Custom Poems for Young and Old Alike


What We Offer

Custom Poetry

Providing personally designed poems is what we do best at The Poet’s Nest. After our rhyming poet finishes your requested piece, we will print it on your choice of paper and send it to you either framed or unframed. No matter what kind of original poem you are looking for, we will strive to meet or even exceed your expectations. We use your thoughts and feelings to create everlasting memories.

The printed poem can be a wonderful gift or remembrance for your loved ones, and you can delight in the knowledge that you have given such a unique and heartfelt present.

How It Works

You and the author will get in touch with each other in order to get the feel for the poem as well as determine the names of those desired, events to be included, and everything you want the poem to say.

The poems are seven four-line paragraphs and normally fit nicely on an 8”x11” sheet of paper. You can select the type of paper you want it to be printed on, such as parchment, sky, etc.

The finished poem can be forwarded via the internet or mailed directly to your home. Please also understand that since these works are all originals they must be paid in advance.

The Average time required is 2 weeks. However, if you need something quickly, I’ll certainly try to do all I can to help. The average poem as described will cost $100.00 which includes postage.

Custom Poetry Would Be Perfect For:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Funerals
  • Graduations
  • Promotions
  • Husband
  • Employees
  • Christmas
  • New Home
  • Get Well
  • Wife
  • Lover
  • Good Friend
  • Newborns
  • Moving Friends

Sample Poems

Still Pond

Deep inside the densest woods

A still pond lies at rest

A mirrored glass reflecting pool

Serenity at best

A quiet place that imitates

The beauty all around

And simply lies in tranquil state

Just waiting to be found

For beauty must be witnessed

To earn its proper place

Like ocean waves that pound the shores

Or a smile on a beautiful face

But if you discover a still pond

Take the time to absorb what it means

A place undefiled by the scourges of man

Where you quietly conjure your dreams

Where dragonflies play in the sunshine

And butterflies light on the tree

A place where your heart can be peaceful

And the Father can whisper to thee

For this is creation, perfection and love

It’s His lesson in peace just for you

Remember to thank Him and follow His lead

Be a still pond in all that you do

- Joseph Hoey


Sisters always puzzle me

They’re hard to understand

They love each other very much

But seldom show their hand

They don’t keep contact all the time

Yet each one seems to know

The time to phone or write the note

When the other’s feeling low

Their memories are amazing

Of their times together past

Old boy friends, school and sister stuff

That can always make them laugh

They also know they have a place

To reveal their love and pain

And know that once the story’s told

It will never repeat again

So having a sister’s like having a shrink

Who charges you one twenty five

But this one is free, knows you better than most

And will see you whenever you try

So if you marry a sister, as men often do

And you think that you’ll come in between

Don’t be foolish my friend, for she’ll pack up again

And move back to her sister in Queens

- Joseph Hoey

Old Sneakers

I have these beat up sneakers

That I wear most every day

They’re scuffed and kind of shapeless Truly should be thrown away

But I’ve not the heart to tell them

That the end is finally here

For they’ve been with me so very long

Much like friends I hold so dear

We’ve been through mud and rain and snow

And walked the miles of sand

And even though they’re looking tired

They can dance to beat the band

I know I must replace my friends

With sneakers fresh and white

But I’ve always had the hardest time

Doing something that doesn’t seem right

For if friends appear a little tired

And maybe even sad

You simply can’t just walk away

And replace the ones you had

So I’ll keep them in the closet

Just like friends you hold in heart

And though they’re not with me today

We’re never truly apart

For the rainy days will come again

And the new ones fear the trial

So I’ll reach back for the ones I trust

Who have partnered my stormiest miles

And always remember old sneakers and friends

Are a lot like each other you see

If l reach in the closet or deep in my heart

I’ll find love always waiting for me

- Joseph Hoey

I Am The Sleeping Giant

I am the sleeping giant

America’s my name.

I just awoke the other day

And viewed a coward’s shame.

He came with fire in the sky

My children in his arms¡

And killed five thousand innocents

Who never caused him harm

Families left with bleeding hearts

Destruction all around

Bodies buried deep beneath

Some never to be found.

And though he froze our world for days

And tried to garner fear,

His ignorance has caused his mind

To miss one fateful year.

The year was nineteen forty one

Pearl Harbor was the name;

And though my children all were lost

We knew we'd fight again.

For in our hearts we always knew

That God was on our side.

And though my children have been hurt

They never touched our pride.

That deep resolve that’s etched in our souls

That glorious sense of right;

The one that screams across the land

We’ve just begun to fight.

So listen close you evil souls

And learn your lessons well.

You may have taken ones I love

For that you’ll burn in hell.

I am the sleeping giant

America’s my name.

And pray to my God when we’re finished with you

That you’ll never be heard from again.

- Joseph Hoey, Poet

Smile for Me


Excuse me I don’t know your name

But we might have met before

I’ve seen you stating, watching me

With looks that ask for more

Like those who stop to say hello

And seem to know my name

A name I’ve never known before

Yet like it just the same

You see I’ve lost my memory

My past has flown away

I have no worry, fret nor pain

I only have today

A wondrous day that’s filled with joy

And folks who truly care

Who tender to my every need

And smile because I’m there

And though I know I must have left

My loves and friends behind

Please know that love still haunts my soul

Though absent from my mind

So if you’re shedding tears for me

Please try to understand

I’ve shaken all the pain in life

And God now holds my hand

And if you’ll remember to look in my eyes

And discover a twinkle so sweet

Know that it’s love from the depths of my soul

And we’ll share tt again when we meet

- Joseph Hoey-Poet

Mr, Hoey is the author of “ Mumblings The inspirational Poetry Of Jpseph Hoey “

Well today is finally November nine

And I’m truly delighted to say

That I wish you all the wonderful things

You deserve this and every day

As you gently pack old sixty one

An open the new sixty two

Remember the gifts God lovingly gave

To help us survive getting through

For you and I truly understand

Just how deeply two people can love

And will never forget every day since we met

That we truly were joined from above

So Happy Birthday my lover my friend

And remember as time passes by

There will never be love any stronger than ours

That we shared in our lives you and I

Sarah and John were just married today And each pledged each other their lives

And though we’re all happy and wish them the best I must say we’re a little surprised

For thinking of John and his tricks in the past It’s just hard to believe this is real

His friends can’t imagine he finally agreed Spent the money went for the deal

Now Sarah is different she’s living the dream That she carried inside her for years

A good man and a family and sweet picket fence And an ending that quells all her fears

So we wish them good luck as they go on their way And deliver sweet Sarah advice

Though your husband’s our friend and will be to the end He truthfully isn’t so nice

But what really counts as we gather today Is the love we all share as your friends

For no matter what happens in good times or bad We will all be best friends til the end

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