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The Poet’s Nest

Our Published Books at a Glance



Find out what kind of fiction titles you can expect from The Poet’s Nest by browsing the book covers on this page. We have everything from rhyming poem collections to love stories. If you have any questions about our published books or custom poetry services, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

MUMBLINGS... A wonderful collection of inspirational poems that prove once more that even after years of loss and pain, that man can rise again to a life filled with happlness faith, and love.

Hard cover.......,......................,. '$16.9S

HEAR MY LOVE. A little book of poems filled with rhymes of love, both lost and found.

Paper back. , $9.95

MUMBLINGS ON THE FARM,..A child’s coloring book filled with poems for all the animals. Matching color pages left open for the child to complete.

Paper back. $9.95

St, MICHAELS. A sweet Ilttle love story of a man who moves to St, Mlchaels to begln a new career in his life as a wrlter and while befriending many new people, meets and falls In love with his soon to be partner for life.

Paper back. $14.95

PROFESSOR ANGELICUS VISITS THE BIG BLUE BALL. A truly marvelous eco book with the tales and travels of an alien searching for pure water to power hls space bubble home. It takes you through oceans and evolves around the Delaware bay and Reeds Beach N.J. The Author, and my dear friend Llnda Ward, has passed away slnce wrltlng this wonderful Introduction to what the world should be, and I am truly pleased I have this opportunlty to share this wlth you now.

”A Journey of dreams ,splrit ,and discovery of the slmple absolute lnterconnectedness of all beings and things” A middle readers book ages 3-93

Hard cover. $19,95

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