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The Poet’s Nest

A Talented Rhyming Poet at Your Service


Our History

The Poet’s Nest was founded by Joseph Hoey because of his passion for poetry writing. Joseph’s literary excellence and creativity come from his having lived a life dedicated to the arts. Apart from being a folksinger, he used to be a songwriter when he was younger. He also has more than 25 years of experience in creating rhyming poems and love stories.


Mr. Hoey’s past is a collection of events that forms a perfect path to his books and poetry that he loves today. From growing up summers on a beautiful lake, an ocean front and bay houses at the shore and working a block from the beach for the last 25 years, it’s easy to understand his love of water.

His writing extends from poems he wrote as a 12-year old boy all to the way to the lyrics he penned as a folk singer traveling to colleges and musical venues throughout the early sixties. These songs were the basis for his poetry today.

Simply put, the driving force In his life Is love. Love of God, country, and family. You’ll see and feel this love in everything he’s written. He truly believes that from the ashes of pain and loss, man can rise again and find love and happiness once more.

Recognition and Awards

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